Is Milledals The Most Trending Thing Now?

Ain’t really changing I was in Ian Number One Falcon number one Falcon number one singles match me versus Randy still the same screen here before the match that’s interesting so what to see let’s see if it let’s see if the game is as hard as it is it was on the last one because remember on the last one we had to start out we were like pretty much a jobber now on this game is a little different because we could actually level our stuff up early what’s she gonna do Randy you don’t run at me mate get.

out here Randy there we go usually starting to kick into Maximum Overdrive I wish I could dive I guess ifs Randy Orton would really just like that we got the generic move set right now because I didn’t have any I didn’t have any way to update my mouse they’d have me damn money I had to buy moves in this game Anderson chill stop stop I thought he would go for our grapple.

so I’m trying to Recreation Definition reverse with the damn grapple they’ve not hurt that baddie he really just destroy my whole life okay I’m good yeah this game looks uh infinitely better than day of reckoning one infinitely better go to the top there we go I’m go off the head but again wish nah okay okay go for any although whatever boom like we still got the classic we still got the classic elbow wrap I’m so happy that I could put that on try to go for the grapple on Randy here which it oh my okay the default.

moves ain’t that bad I[Music]can dig thereat least this isn’t the generic menu music I was here and earlier boom do Just toss a mess Scott Steiner style right there flip them over kick munchkin hunt day I slap the hell out Elohim they’re chained RHO I don’t think so hey I think use what you mean to chant his FL oh oh wait a min node Andy gel yeah.